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Optos patented ultra-widefield scanning laser technology supports the detection, diagnosis, analysis, documentation and management of ocular pathology and systemic disease that may first present in the periphery.

These conditions may go undetected using traditional exam techniques and equipment.

The Daytona delivers both ultra-widefield and ultra-high resolution images to facilitate disease detection,
 The Optos Daytona
 Unequaled 200° retina view
 Quick, easy and comfortable
 Cutting edge technology
 Co-management with patients specialists
 Management of patients with pathology
 High-resolution, high-contrast image
 82% of the retina in one image
 Small pupil patient friendly capture
Pupil dilation not necessary
management and clinical analysis from central pole to periphery. The Optos Daytona offers multiple wavelength
imaging, including options for color, red-free, and autofluorescence with green laser light.
The management of wellness patients and those with ocular disease.

Daytona was engineered with patient comfort in mind. The ergonomic design encourages a neutral body posture and simple positioning of the eye.

Daytona also includes new cutting edge options such as ultra-widefield auto-fluorescence. Daytona provides an unequaled 200° view of the retina in a single capture through its patented Virtual Point™ technology. This approach utilizes the unique optical properties of a large ellipsoidal mirror.

Instead of using standard scanning geometry, the ellipsoidal mirror provides two conjugate focal points. The result is a high-resolution, high-contrast image - the optomap. This comprehensive view of up to 82% of the retina in one image, offers pus an opportunity to identify and follow peripheral pathology as well as central pole abnormalities. By comparison, traditional retinal exams only allow the inspection of a small portion of the retina at one time. For example, a direct ophthalmoscope allows less than 10 degrees of visualization, an indirect ophthalmoscope about 30 degrees, and a fundus camera 45 degrees.
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