Dr. Tony Lieu
Dr. Lieu is deeply passionate and dedicates his time interacting with his patients and providing them the knowledge and importance of eye care and preventive care. He enjoys providing complete eye care for all ages. He currently resides in Corona with his wife and 3 children and enjoys the Corona surrounding areas has to offer and volunteers his time to raise fund for various events with his family. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, California with a biotechnology bachelors degree and Marshall B. Ketchum University for Optometry School in Fullerton, CA.

He continually invests in new technology that is changing lives in ways like never been done before in eye care. By investing in the Neurolens technology, our patients' quality of life has improved substantially.

Our patients who are wearing the neurolenses glasses are experiencing the best comfortable vision and reduction in headaches, neck/shoulder pain, less dry eyes and substantially less fatigue after a day on the digital devices (computer, cell phone).
Eagle Glen Optometry is only one of approximately 300 offices in the world with Neurolens technology and we cordially invite you to have an evaluation with us.

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