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Today was my first time seeing Dr. Lieu. I chose to see Dr. Lieu because he’s so close to where I live and I had been going elsewhere for the last 15 years. Dr. Lieu and his staff are very professional and so friendly. Dr. Lieu told me things about myself I had no clue about that he could just see from looking at the scans of my eyes and from the exam itself. I’m so glad I chose to find someone closer to home I definitely recommend Dr. Lieu for anyone looking for an optometrist in the Temescal Valley area!
Geisner, T    -    April 2023

Neurolens Testimonials : They are great! Way less headaches and almost no neck pain anymore!
Gleason, K    -    April 2023

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS: Hi! I'm feeling much better. It took maybe two days to get used to the neurolenses. I haven't had any strong migraines or extreme eye strain. Super happy with them!
Kristina P    -    April 2023

A very professional experience. Staff friendly. Doctor took time and gave a very thorough exam. A good listener showing a personal concern Re overall health. Very happy with whole office experience.
Montenegro, R    -    April 2023

SCLERALS TESTIMONIALS I highly recommend Dr. Lieu if you’re having Vision issues he has truly change my life.
Jacob G    -    March 2023

I highly recommend Dr. Lieu if you’re having Vision issues he has truly change my life.
Jacob G    -    March 2023

SCLERALS TESTIMONIALS : I am very thankful to have found Dr. Lieu after more than 25 years of suffering with dry eyes including regular deep eye pain nearly every morning. I’ve gone to several ophthalmologists who have prescribed Restasis and advised me to apply night gel and tape my eyes shut before sleeping, none of which worked. I would wake up put my hand over my left eye and just wait for the pain to go away. Not a great way to live. In 2020 my right eye started to lose vision; my eyes were so red I was embarrassed to go out. My ophthalmologist referred me to a specialist who said there was nothing he could do. My son encouraged me to look for a new doctor. I remembered a friend with autoimmune disease having Sclera lenses and looked for a Sclera provider. This is when I found Dr. Lieu who diligently worked to clear my dry eyes and restore my vision. He then fitted me for Scleral lenses. This was a life changing seven-month process. I am now pain free, have clear eyes and vision!!!
Claudia K    -    November 2021

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - Thank you for checking! 1 week in and I'm SO HAPPY!!! My daily symptoms with headaches behind my eyes, dry, and watery eyes, etc. have improved drastically. Both of my kids have appointments tomorrow :) These glasses are a life changer! I was feeling relief by the second day, by the way. Thank you again for checking, you and your team are really wonderful!
Traci W    -    June 2021

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - I had a great experience at Eagle Glen Optometry. The staff is friendly and they provide excellent service. My neurolenses helped with my neck pain, eye strain, and my eyes adjusted within about four days. Thank you Dr. Lieu, you and your team improved my general well being at home and at work. Thank you once again!
ABRAHAM, J    -    March 2020

SCLERAL TESTIMONIALS - Hi Dr. Lieu! My current contacts are still good! I can wear them 12 hours or more! I am able to wear them all day without my eyes getting red
CAITLIN K    -    March 2020

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