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NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - I had a great experience at Eagle Glen Optometry. The staff is friendly and they provide excellent service. My neurolenses helped with my neck pain, eye strain, and my eyes adjusted within about four days. Thank you Dr. Lieu, you and your team improved my general well being at home and at work. Thank you once again!
ABRAHAM, J    -    March 2020

SCLERAL TESTIMONIALS - Hi Dr. Lieu! My current contacts are still good! I can wear them 12 hours or more! I am able to wear them all day without my eyes getting red
CAITLIN K    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - The neurolenses are working great. Still getting used to them at all distances. No problems with them
CARY Z    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - I’m sold I’ll never make another change everyone was amazing , nice , and professional. They explained info (about neurolenses and contacts) never explained to me before. Thank you everybody
FRANK D    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - Hi, so far so good. I thinking I'm adjusting well. Looking forward to seeing how I feel after a few more weeks. Thanks for checking in. ??
JENNIFER F    -    March 2020

SCLERAL TESTIMONIALS - Dr. Tony has THE BEST knowledge, personality and patience anyone can ask for. I suffer from KC and he has been fitting me for glasses and contact lenses with KC for the last 10 years. It takes a very patient ophthalmologist to do this and not to mention, having a private practice with the latest technology is a blessing. His staff is amazing as well! His attention to detail and way of explaining options is definitely someone you can trust!
JULISSA M    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - They have been wonderful. I have had a couple headaches the past few days but I'm thinking it's the weather causing them. But they seem to be getting better. Still having a little issue with the near/far sight being blurry but not as bad as before.
KELLY R    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - Good morning! They are fantastic, I haven’t had a headache and my jaw and neck tension is pretty much completely gone!
NATALIE W    -    March 2020

SCLERAL TESTIMONIALS - Distance vision is awesome (out of the scleral lenses)! The glasses are still getting used to them...but using them for driving is great.
NICK E    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - Everyone at the Eagle Glen Optometry was wonderful! I hadn’t had an eye exam in forever and I have always had problems with my eyes: headaches, eye strain, etc.. Once I got my neurolenses just within 4-5 days I wasn’t getting headaches anymore and my eyes weren’t hurting! Also the ladies in the front were so amazing! I had to bring my 18mo old daughter and they had a little play area and toys for her to stay busy while I finished up! Thank you again!!!
NICOLE S    -    March 2020

NEUROLENS TESTIMONIALS - After having an eye doctor long term in LA County I wasn’t happy with the first doctor I found after relocating. Recently I had the pleasure of going to Eagle Glen Optometry. They are extremely friendly and clean. They are also very accommodating when it come to scheduling. The heard my needs and was able to recommend the new neurolenses to me. I have been extremely happy with the way the block the computer light. I will be returning here for all my future appointments.
PEGGY H    -    March 2020

SCLERAL TESTIMONIALS - Words cannot describe how much praise I have for Dr. Lieu and staff. I have a very specific and difficult eye condition that could make me blind in the wrong hands. Since the beginning, Dr. Lieu and staff were like a 5 star hotel but for optometry. I found myself thanking them after every visit, because they were so much better than the 5-8 plus optometrists I have been to, even better than Ketchum School of Optometry! I seriously owe my quality of life to Dr. Lieu, I can function with great vision, prior I had headaches, pain, and poor advice. Dr. Lieu even took the time to call me prior to my initial visit make sure it was a good fit, and follow up/booking appts from staff is exceptional. I am a customer for life now.
SEAN L    -    March 2020

De. Lieu was amazing! I had woke up with swelling in my eye with pain, his staff was able to get me in the same day. I'm so grateful because the next day I was already pain free thank you to Dr Lieu and his team.
Beatriz    -    Febuary 2020

Our whole family comes here, doctor and staff are great..exams are very thorough and explained to you..highly recommended. .it's amazing what the doctor can tell you about your health through your eyes
Satisfied c    -    May 2016

He was AMAZING with both my daughter (ages 3 &5) he was so detail in explaining everything & took his time. I also had a check up & I can finally see comfortably with contacts on! He's the only optometrist that has notice our allergies & prescribed eye drops that have helped my daughter & I so THANK YOU & the office staff is AMAZING
Cindy N    -    January 2015

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